I Help Leaders Create Startups, Grow Existing Businesses and Build Entrepreneurial Communities.

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Start with 'why not?'

For decades I've questioned 'why not' when approaching challenges and opportunities.  There's a reason the world and businesses operate the way they do and most can improve in one aspect or another.  I don't accept the world or a business venture as it exists today and there's nearly always a new way to delight a customer, attract a prospect, solve a problem or build community.

Entrepreneurs & Groups

Working one-on-one with entrepreneurs or in group settings, I help build skills, confidence and repeatable business models.  

Digital & Physical

I enjoy helping early stage companies gain traction by deploying both digital and physical prototypes. I'm a techie at first and secondly a maker of physical prototypes using woodworking, hobbyist electronics and (mostly safe) hacks.

Honest Conversations & Discussions

Frequently I lead individuals and groups to honest conversations and root cause analysis. Individual and group discussions are paired with actionable next steps, deadlines and accountability to achieve a goal.

Get to know me, who is Daniel?

I'm pretty easy to understand and get to know.  There's a few quirks and interesting behaviors I've developed over the years but all in all I'm here to help.  Schedule a quick chat with me.

What people say about working with me

I've worked with over 4,000 aspiring entrepreneurs and decision makers. My approach is honest and results focused. Some enjoy the approach, others take a while to warm up to the journey.

As the event continued Daniel turned the enjoyable “HA-Ha’s” into interesting and unexpected “A-Ha’s”, maximising learning opportunities for attendees, and ultimately contributing to capacity building for the Sunshine Coast region.

Rene Coman

Community Leader, Sunshine Coast, Australia

He is passionate about his community with a natural talent from project strategy. I've gone to him for his opinion on difficult subjects because I trust he will provide solid and honest feedback with possible solution(s).

Elizabeth Griffin

Let's work together, contact me today!

Whether it is a workshop request or individual session, let's chat. The world is a small place and there's a way to achieve your goals. I'm may not be the best person to help, but we'll find someone that can better help you on your journey.